The HIVE UAS Tech Accelerator in Grand Forks, ND

GRAND FORKS, ND (July 18th, 2023): The HIVE tech accelerator launches a multi-series of workshops to enhance and hone employee soft skills. The workshop begins September 5th, 2023 and runs weekly until October 10th, 2023. Registration and full workshop descriptions can be found at in the program guide. 


The program is made in partnership with the University of North Dakota School of Graduate Studies, TrainND, the City of Grand Forks, and the HIVE Tech Accelerator. These workshops are ideal for any phase of employment. The topics will include client communication, business writing, leadership development, technology advancement, critical thinking, preventing workplace burnout, and soft skills. 


Members of the HIVE technology accelerator can attend for no cost. Discounts are available for companies sending several employees or for those attending all the workshops. Last day for registration is August 18, 2023 For more information, email




About the HIVE: Established in 2022, the HIVE is a UAS/Autonomous hybrid technology accelerator in the heart of downtown Grand Forks. The HIVE is home to many UAS/Autonomous scale-ups and startups with a wide variety of programming to support this industry sector. 


About City of Grand Forks: Alexander Griggs, a steamboat captain, has long been acknowledged as responsible for the growth of Grand Forks from a trading area to a town. His nine-acre settlement is now our downtown district. Officially incorporated in 1881, the City of Grand Forks is North Dakota’s third largest city. Located along the Red River of the North, Grand Forks has a population of over 55,000. Grand Forks has opportunities to grow for everyone from students to our maturing population because we know a community is only as strong as its people.